Armenia, your travel destination

Welcome to the country of contrasts!

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On the one hand, barren fields and hard-working gaunt farmers – on the other, glittering skyscrapers, fast-food restaurants and wealth. On the one hand, icy fields of snow and sombre mists – on the other, torrid sunshine, steppes and heat. On the one hand, darkly clothed bearded men and old women in long black aprons and scarves pulled up to before their faces and on the other hand, fashionable chic confident young Armenians who amuse themselves with smartphones of the newest generation. This is where mosques live beside ancient cloisters in peaceful coexistence, where oriental hustle and bustle and the still fervour of the oldest Christian country in the world can be found right next to each other – this is Armenia. It’s not only a land of contrasts. Actually, it’s THE land of contrasts.

Armenia – unknown alpine country

In Armenia, lots is different to anywhere else – and yet similar. As many countries with a long and rich history, Armenia has a fascinating culture. Here on the border between the East and the West, between Christendom and Islam, there are countless highlights to marvel at. The experience becomes perfect when you can combine your favourite hobby, running, with experiencing and encountering this unknown alpine country.

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