What is it that fascinates?

The natural environment:

Running in Armenia – that means fun and suspense at a race in Yerevan. Or also not seeing any houses or settlements for kilometres, experiencing 4000-metre high mountains, wild rivers, geysers, canyons and lakes – it means marvelling at the colours of the sky, the water and the meadows.


The people:

are obliging, interested, hospitable, helpful and creative. The southern mentality manifests itself, and social interaction is very respectful. Armenians have a very high sense of honour and are a reliable and thankful people.

The landscape:

is full of contrasts, barren and fruitful at the same time, violent and idyllic, mountainous and rambling, full of colour with green and brown in all shades, with forests in the North and steppe-like in the South, untouched, spectacular and breathtaking.

The culture:

Churches and monasteries are more than 1000 years old – there are 12,000-year old, animal figures carved in stone and hunting scenes. Armenia is a mixture of the Near East (Syria, Lebanon and Iran), Europe (especially France), the Soviet Union and the USA (California). A lively local scene in Yerevan in summer in the open air. Naturalness, pride in their nationality without being nationalist and an open way of dealing with art as a part of daily street life – these are the things that characterise Yerevan’s cityscape.

Fascinating Armenia in key words:

Monuments dating from Soviet times, the taste and size of local fruit and vegetables, religion in daily life, extreme differences between rich and poor, new and old and city and countryside. The people’s friendliness and lust for life. Fantastic and overwhelming landscapes. Diversified and excellent, also very agreeable for Central European palates. A holiday in Armenia is like a journey in time. A visit to a monastery or a church transports you back to the Middle Ages, a detour to a 19th century European village.

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